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Multipurpose Bathroom Mat/Carpet Mat/Shower Mat/Swimming Pool Mat-Blue Color

Material: Rubber

Color: Blue

Size: 1.2meter x10 meter

Brand: Generic

Item Weight: 38 Grams


About this item

The Product Utilizes Natural Durable Rubber for Both Front and Backing:

This unique texture makes it an excellent choice for outdoor mats, effectively trapping dirt while maintaining long-lasting utility.


Effective Mud and Dirt Containment:

Crafted from waterproof rubber, this doormat excels at keeping your indoor and outdoor spaces free from dirt and mud. Easy to clean, it can be effortlessly maintained, ensuring a consistently tidy appearance.


Zig Zag Mat with Exceptional Durability:

Ideal for indoor applications in homes, living areas, lobbies, and offices, as well as outdoor use at front doors, walkways, patios, garages, barns, driveways, and other high-traffic areas. It also makes a thoughtful gift.


Reusable and Low-Maintenance:

This washable doormat can be easily cleaned with a garden hose or a brush. Its heavy-duty rubber composition is built to withstand various weather conditions and dries quickly. These mats are substantial, remaining stable without slipping or sliding, and are suitable for all climates, both indoor and outdoor.


Anti-Skid Latex Backing:

The anti-slip feature ensures the mat remains securely in place, even in wet conditions. The durable non-slip backing retains its quality and provides peace of mind, particularly in homes with children, kids, or elders.

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