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Bird Spikes

Brand Mnj
Color Transparent
Products Dimension 50 x 5 x 10 cm
Long 50cm
Sell Type Wholesale and Retail

Birds Spike Products Details:

Product Name Anti Bird Spikes
Brand Mnj
Packing 100pcs/ctn
Color Transparent
Material PC Base + Stainless Steel Spike
Usage Outdoor Usage
Place of Origin China
Net Weight ≤0.5Kg
Function Bird Prevention


Price of Bird Spike/ Pigeon Spikes

Price depends on the world’s economic situation. Price starts from 5 AED per piece. Per carton (100 pieces) = 480 Dhs.


When does Bird Spikes need it?

  1. To protect your property from bird droppings.
  2. To reduce noise and vibration.
  3. To prevent birds from building nests.
  4. To deter birds from carrying diseases.

Advantage of spikes

  1. Long-lasting, humane, nearly invisible bird control product 
  2. Extreme and versatile bird control bird spike 
  3. You can easily stick or screw Bird Spikes onto any surface without any hassle.
  4. Pigeon Spike is specially treated polycarbonate that is highly resistant to U.V. rays 
  5. Bird spike base is flexible allowing installation on curved surfaces
  6. It’s easy to break into smaller sections 
  7. Narrow covers ledges 2″ to 4″ wide


How to Install

  1. Begin by cleaning the surface thoroughly, ensuring you remove all those bothersome bird droppings. Use a solvent or a suitable cleaning product that suits your surface type.
  2. Get some Avisil Bird Spike adhesive (Silicone) and apply a small bead underneath each bird spike. Make sure you cover the entire bottom side.
  3. Now, stick your bird spike strip onto the surface where you want it to go.
  4. Press down evenly along the base to make sure the adhesive spreads through the spike holes, creating a sort of rivet effect.

Take a moment to check if the spikes are at the angle you like. If not, no worries – you can bend them a bit to fit the area perfectly. It’s a breeze!

How to Buy?

To Buy this product please Contact us through WhatsApp or You can Call Directly. For Bulk Quantity You can Email us: At mnjglobaltrading@gmail.com

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