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27mm Artificial Grass

Brand MNJ
Color Full Green
Products Dimension 2 Meter * 25 Meter
Thickness 27MM
Sell Type Wholesale and Retail



27mm Artificial Grass product details

Brand Mnj
Color Full Green
Product Dimensions ‎2 meter * 25 meter = 50 Sq.meter
Usage Places Indoor and Outdoor
Item display height 2 Meter
Item display length 25 Meter
Item display width 27MM
Sunlight exposure ‎Partial Shade
Manufacturer Mnj Global Carpets Trading (China)


27mm Artificial Grass: The Perfect Balance of Durability and Luxury

Are you in search of artificial grass that combines durability with luxury? Look no further than our 27mm Artificial Grass collection. This unique variety strikes the ideal balance, offering both resilience and a touch of opulence.

Durability and Elegance in Harmony

The 27mm artificial grass is the epitome of durability and luxury. With its plush thickness, it delivers a soft and cushioned surface, perfect for relaxation and play. This luxurious feel doesn’t compromise on its ability to withstand heavy foot traffic and the demands of active spaces.

Each grass blade is meticulously heat-pressed, resulting in an astonishingly authentic appearance and texture that closely mimics natural grass.


Discover the advantages of our 27mm artificial grass:

Durable and Low-Maintenance: Designed to endure heavy foot traffic, this grass requires minimal maintenance. Busy families and homeowners can enjoy their outdoor spaces without the hassle of constant mowing, watering, or fertilizing.

All-Weather Usage:

Whether rain or shine, our 27mm artificial grass maintains its integrity. Unaffected by rain, snow, or extreme heat, it’s ready for year-round enjoyment.

Safe for Play:

Children and pets can frolic safely on the soft, cushioned surface of our 27mm grass, minimizing the risk of injuries during playtime.

Realistic Aesthetics:

Thanks to its heat-pressed blades, our 27mm artificial grass boasts an appearance and feel that’s remarkably similar to natural grass.

Easy Cleaning:

Maintenance is a breeze with our 27mm grass. Simply hose it down or use a pressure washer to keep it looking pristine.


Our 27mm grass stands out due to its premium features:

Crafted from High-Quality Polyethylene Fibers:

These fibers are expertly heat-pressed, ensuring a realistic appearance and feel.

UV Protection:

The grass blades are UV-protected, preventing fading and discoloration caused by sun exposure.
Versatile Selection: Choose from a range of colors and styles to find the 27mm artificial grass that perfectly complements your needs.


The versatility of our 27mm artificial grass shines through its various applications, including:

Commercial Spaces
Dog Runs
Upgrade your space with the luxurious resilience of our 27mm Artificial Grass. Experience the perfect fusion of durability and elegance.

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